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Variable Income: Four Steps to Make It Work


Are you trying to find excuses on why a zero based budget will not work? Well I will grant you that living on a variable income is a challenge. However it's for that reason a budget should be a bigger priority for you. Variable income and lack of discipline are the biggest reasons that we fail with budgets. This is compounded by current personal finance books skipping right over the concept of variable income budgets. The main problem stems from human nature in that we have the tendency to overspend on the good months and starve in the bad months. We here at Zero Based Budget HQ have regular 9-5 and side-jobs. Therefore we must employ this strategy for allocating variable income, so yes we live in this world. This method will help you use a zero based budget to smooth out the highs and lows of your variable income so you can crush it for all twelve months.

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